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Development of the Thesis

Painstaking work on the project awaits each student as they approach the end of their studies. Self-training of the student reflects the following points:

  • The degree of theoretical thinking of the listener;

  • Ability to use knowledge and skills not only in theory, but also in practice;

  • Skills in the use of thematic literature;

  • The ability to analyze information sources and assess the overall situation in the market of spheres and services.

The development also includes the solution of certain issues related to business in practice, the formation of a clear position and the development of individual recommendations related to entrepreneurial activities. The essence of the work is to display a complete picture of the future private entrepreneur or manager, who is prepared for work not only at a theoretical level, but also from a practical point of view.

The commission sitting at the exam will pay attention not only to the methodology of work performance and research results, but also form its own opinion, on the basis of which it will assign a qualification level to the tested business graduate. The student in this case must be able to control himself, be restrained and unshakable, and also apply the communication skills that were acquired during the training.

What is needed to complete the project?

The final stage of a student's education before obtaining the qualification of a specialist is the completion of an MBA diploma project. Work on a diploma can be started from the first year of study, which allows you to gradually replenish and improve it in the course of acquiring new knowledge and practical experience. The main goal in the implementation of the work of the MBA is to assess the individual level of training in comparison with the already established world standards of education in the field of business.

The development of the final qualifying work takes place in stages and contains:

  • Choice of subject;

  • Writing a plan;

  • Collection of necessary information and material;

  • Logical and consistent presentation of the collected data.

During the time given for writing a diploma, you need to collect a large amount of information using different sources, carefully analyze them and state the main idea. In the diploma, you will need to present the structure of the business plan, that is, make real proposals to improve the development of the organization. It is important to draw a conclusion in the work, in which to write a personal informed opinion, confirmed by facts, reflecting the ability and ability to use the knowledge acquired during the study process in practice.

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