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How to create an image of a not boring positive hero

The positive hero is an important character in (almost) any story. He can be the main character or a secondary character. And usually it is a good/kind/honest/ courageous person, who has to sow good and bright things. Thanks to these characters, we believe that goodness and justice will eventually prevail, that someone write my essay love will overcome all obstacles, and evil will be punished.

But here's the problem: sometimes the positive characters are so sugary-righteous that it makes you gag.

It seems to be so: an honest, sincere and kind hero - a breath of fresh air in a false world, you dream about them, they are not enough.

But they, from all sides of the good, sometimes turn out to be impossibly boring.

Which book characters can be called boring?

Generally speaking, the criteria for boring are as follows:

- the hero is passive and writing papers for money reluctant to participate in events;

- the hero is internally stiff and develops slowly and reluctantly as a person;

- the hero is not interested in anything but himself and a couple of his own rather common and formulaic needs;

- the protagonist does nothing but grumble, ironize, reason, get angry or laugh, i.e. his emotional state and reactions to events are limited and monotonous;

- the hero is overly correct and kind - to the point of being unnatural, without even a hint of the proverbial devil-may-care bogeyman;

- The author forgets that the hero should act, not endlessly broadcast the author's thoughts, and the text is overloaded with boring arguments on and off.

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