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Apps That You Won’t Find in Google Play If you encounter data loss on your Android phone due to downloading unsecured apps from unknown source, then we would recommend you this Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery program for you to recover deleted data from Android without backup. Or you can just use safe vpn for android.

But to download these apps, you need to download their installer package file first. Unlike the installation process on Google Play store which is automatic, these apps have to be downloaded manually. So, hold up tight and get your favorite Android app which you won’t find on Google Play store. So, let’s see the list:

1) AdWay

This Android Ad blocker app is a complete all in one complete solution of blocking the display of unwanted ads and backlinks. It is placed in the list of top Android adware apps which are best to block the ads which are pretty annoying for the users. So, definitely one of the best third-party application available for the android users.

2) Lucky Patcher

This is one of the must-have Android hacking apps for the users who want to bypass the in-app license verification. And furthermore, this brilliant app is also quite capable of removing or blocking the unwanted ads and will also help in modifying any Android apps according to your wish. Lucky Patcher is installed by thousands of different Android users and now, it’s you to be among one of them.

3) Lawnchair

This spectacular third-party Android launcher app is developed by the XDA developers and we can bet that any other app of this segment cannot be compared with this app. Basically, this application is a customized pixel launches just like Google pixel launcher is. This application will surely help you out in the task which you want to achieve.

4) Google Camera

The official Google camera application is available on the Google Play store for all users but the main reason why we had listed this here is that this application comes with an HDR+ mode which is a really amazing feature of Google Camera. But there is a limitation, this feature is only available in the smartphones manufactured by Google itself. So, if you are keen of photography with HDR+ mode, then you must install this brilliant third-party Android application.

5) Unofficial APK Mirror

This APK mirror app is really a very good option for the users who either want to upload an APK file or want to download different APK files. This app is trusted by thousands of app developers because this app is designed so greatly that it rejects the upload of the APK files which is having any type of virus or spyware in it. So, there is a very less probability that you will find any virus and spyware inside the applications installed by using this platform.

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