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Best Places to Travel to On a Caribbean or Alaskan Cruise

What are the best places to travel on a cruise? We all have our preferences, but based on what most people opt for these days, a few destinations rise to the top. We want to help you find the best places to travel on a cruise, whether it’s your first time or your tenth. Below you’ll find the most popular destinations for many cruise lines as well as a few places which have become favorites among guests. Let’s start with some of the most obvious choices for Western travelers and then move beyond the usual.

The Caribbean

Nine times out of ten, when you tell someone you’re going on a cruise, it’s probably a ship traveling through the Caribbean. Americans, especially those living on the eastern half of the country, often leave from a Floridian port of departure and travel between the Bahamas and Mexico. Sometimes these cruise lines will also venture further east to hit up Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and other notable land masses. But what are some of the most popular stops along the way? We’ve got you.

If you love history (or just recently saw a production of “Hamilton”) you know St. Kitts is a place of significance in the Caribbean. Along with the usual beach accommodations and local culture, one can enjoy touring a colonial military base hundreds of years in the making at Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park.

Another exciting and well-traveled spot in the Caribbean is Cozumel, Mexico. An island found just offshore the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel has become one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Tour the Mayan ruins or just soak up the sun on a beautiful beach. Either way, you’re bound to have a fun time.

The Cayman Islands are beloved by just about everyone traveling through the Caribbean and no spot in the region more so than Grand Cayman. If you think the best places to travel on a cruise require more than a pretty beach, you’re going to love the shops, restaurants, and museums in Grand Cayman. This is how you travel in style in the Caribbean.

As long as we’re talking about breathtaking islands, we’ve got to mention St. Martin. Split between French and Dutch principalities, this Caribbean spot offers everything you would want in a cruise stop. You’ll find a variety of culture thanks to the island’s roots, with great food, music, and architecture along the way.

We could keep going with wonderful islands to boast of, but one last spot we’ll highlight in the Caribbean is the popular travel hub of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The capital city of Puerto Rico has much to offer travelers, from tropical parks to hike through to culturally enriching cityscapes. There’s always something to do in San Juan.


Not every cruise is strung together between stops at the beach. Alaskan cruises provide a different kind of cruise experience. The goal of these trips is not to lay out and participate in water activities but to take in the beautiful scenery of mountains and glaciers.

Some of the top ports of departure for Alaskan cruises are amazing cities you may wish to visit on an extended basis before or after your trip. Vancouver and Seattle are two major cities that tend to kick off a majority of Alaskan cruises. These cities have so much to offer tourists who want to take part in the urban Northwest lifestyle. As for the cruises themselves, there are only so many points at which one can stop. Ketchikan, Alaska is a busy port where many ships anchor for the day. The city faces the Inside Passage, an elaborate route of waterways which contain some of the best views you’ll find in the world. Ketchikan has a rich Native legacy for you to learn about as well as the Misty Fjords National Monument, a sight you truly have to behold.

Some more of the best places to travel on a cruise through Alaska are Icy Strait Point, where one can watch whales or take in the beautiful glaciers, and Skagway, located near the intersection of southern Alaska and northwest British Columbia. Skagway has a quaint rail system for enjoying the local scenery in case hiking is too big a task for you. The state capital of Juneau will either enchant you with its historic downtown or through any number of opportunities to engage with local wildlife. Both Skagway and Juneau are also popular spots for kayaking and other physical outdoor pastimes. Before wrapping up the best places to travel on a cruise through Alaska, we just have to recommend the breathtaking Endicott Arm Fjord and Dawes Glacier. You’ll never forget the sights you take in during this part of the expedition.

Of course, the great thing about an Alaskan cruise is that even on days spent at sea, you stand a good chance of basking in some wonderful views of forests, glaciers, and more. The journey is half the fun!

The Best Places to Travel on a Cruise Fit What You Like

While we could continue to recommend some of the best places to travel on a cruise, sometimes a passenger’s favorite stop is somewhere completely out of the blue. We all enjoy different aspects of a city or island. One person may care most about possibilities for adventure while another prioritizes shopping and restaurants over all else. When shopping for the right cruise or researching the trip for which you’ve already signed, we encourage you to check the local travel website for your upcoming destinations to find out what they have to offer. Reading up on reviews can also be a good idea for picking between certain activities. At the end of the day, it’s up to your best judgement when planning the perfect getaway.

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