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How to Have Fun on Cruises When You're an Introvert

Cruise ships offer an amazing vacation experience where you can see the world while also enjoying a variety of great entertainment onboard. It’s a party that floats you along to beautiful destinations and allows you to take your holiday to the next level. Between dance parties, poolside concerts, and any number of other social gatherings, the tropical getaway can sound more like a daunting challenge to introverts than something to which they can look forward. Are cruises only intended for extroverted people to appreciate? Certainly not. Let us show you how to have fun on cruises when you’re an introvert.

Shop Wisely for the Right Cruise

Utilizing the same advice we would give to any other traveler, setting yourself up for the perfect vacation begins with finding the right cruise for you. Want to absolutely rule out noisy distractions from young children? There are cruises for you. Need a romantic journey with your significant other? You’ll find plenty of cruise lines who want to do business with you. It’s even possible to set up an adventure where you won’t have to deal with loud college students who managed to get onboard by scraping together loose change between the couch cushions.

The key for introverts who want a more adult-friendly or relaxed trip is to research different cruise lines and perhaps look for a special charter that caters to your interests. If you can’t find anything too obvious, that’s ok. There are plenty of ways to have fun on cruises when you’re an introvert, even if the rest of the people aboard are not.

Be Prepared

Once you’ve settled on the cruise line and ship that’s right for you, the next important step is to be prepared for your journey. We suggest you look into the many offerings your ship has when it comes to food, entertainment, activities, and lounging. An unfortunate thing which happens for those who don’t investigate beforehand is that they’ll find something really cool on the last day of the trip and realize they missed out.

In addition to knowing the details of your ship, you should prepare yourself by packing things that help you relax as an introvert. Is your favorite hobby reading? Bring an e-reader and a couple of paperbacks. Love podcasts? Download a whole slew of your top shows (and maybe even a couple of podcasts you’d like to try out. Since the internet on a ship can be expensive and sometimes has a weak signal, you should definitely plan ahead for any shows or movies you may want to watch. Download them before you leave the house so that you can enjoy your favorites whenever you like. This tip is applicable across many other interests, from knitting to card games and beyond.

Find Ways to Take Part Without Draining Yourself

You don’t want to be a complete hermit on your cruise vacation. If that were the case, you’d probably just rent a cabin in the mountains every year and stay ahead of your summer plans that way. The beauty of going on a cruise is, aside from the pretty views, the ability to customize your vacation to whatever you see fit. With this in mind, we suggest at least some level of involvement, even for the most introverted of guests. You can lay out by the pool, challenge yourself to a few holes of miniature golf, go rock climbing, or try your hand at trivia at the bar. No one’s saying you need to be the life of the party, but taking part in at least a few activities will help you make the most of your cruise journey.

Put Yourself Out There

Here are four words that will send any introverted person in the opposite direction. Still, we want you to enjoy yourself as you hit the high seas and that means trying new things. Depending on which cruise you have booked, there are likely going to be a few activities you can sign up for that will take you outside of your comfort zone without overdoing things. Maybe it’s something as simple as a giant waterslide or perhaps you’d like to try your hand at some dancing lessons. Cruises have a lot of great options, so don’t be scared to give an effort on something you wouldn’t normally do at home. You’re on vacation, after all.

The Cabin is Not Your Friend (Unless You’re Napping)

As an introvert, you may be tempted to spend a lot of time on your cruise inside your cabin. This is especially true if you’ve booked one of the nicer options that is either greater in size or comes with a balcony. As any cruise expert can tell you, though, the best memories are made outside of your room. Feel free to get all of the sleep you require and recharge your batteries from time to time, but you can do so much better when picking the place to spend most of your time. Whether you’re traveling alone or with others, don’t let the room become your default setting.

Don’t Write Off the Shore Excursions

One of the most exciting aspects of the journey is the ability to go ashore in a place you probably would have never seen without taking a cruise. Someone less keen on going out and trying new things may scoff at the idea of choosing to not hang out at the pool on a day when most people will be gone from the ship, but we think you’ll be best served on your trip by at least considering the many shore excursions available on cruises. These outings come in all shapes and sizes, from dolphin encounters to cultural tours to resort-level beaches where you can sit under an umbrella and drink something delicious. If you’re traveling with a group, look for something you can all agree on, or split into two groups between the more adventurous and those who just want to relax. Even for introverts, these can be fun and more than simply worthwhile.

Set Some Ground Rules with Your Friends or Family

It can be difficult to be the most introverted person in your traveling party. When others want to get wild or squeeze in a million activities, you’re hoping to slip away and rest your social batteries. This can cause friction in your family or friend group, so try to be open and honest about your needs and expectations. Maybe you need to let them know you’ll be hanging out in a special lounge during a certain time or that you need your space from two to four in the afternoon. We encourage you to do what needs to be done for your trip to feel like a success, while not also coming across like dead weight to your friends and family. Communication is key.

Headphones Are a Lifesaver

The truth is that there can be thousands of people on your cruise ship, so finding “me” time won’t always be easy. One of the best pieces of advice we can give you concerning how to have fun on cruises when you’re an introvert is to bring headphones, preferably some noise-cancelling ones. You may not want to lug out some heavy over-ear headphones, but they do make noise-cancelling earbuds these days. When you pop these guys in, you’ll feel a little less overwhelmed by the crowd at the pool. Assuming you have to hang out in the most crowded areas of the ship, this is the best way to help you feel calmer during your vacation. Just make sure that your headphones will work for you when it comes to water resistance and battery life.

Look for Your Sanctuary

Want to know how to have fun on cruises when you’re an introvert? Find a sanctuary. This is where your research beforehand will pay off. See what kind of lounges are available and what they offer. You may have to pay for some kind of upgrade to enjoy the best of the best, but these kinds of areas are perfect for people who just want to enjoy a calm atmosphere while cruising along. You don’t have to do anything fancy either. Some areas of the ship will naturally be less populated and ideal for someone who needs a spot to read or decompress. Find your sanctuary early on and you’ll be all set for the coming few days.

We hope these tips on how to have fun on cruises when you’re an introvert will help you enjoy the best cruise experience imaginable. Don’t let your worries stand between you an amazing vacation! Cruises aren’t intended to be relished only by those with boundless energy who love to be around crowds of people. Take the next step today and see if you can’t find the perfect trip for you.

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