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Cheap Cruises: Are They Worth the Savings?

We know one of the most popular online searches when it comes to travel is “cheap cruises.” The majority of people want to have a great vacation while saving money wherever they can. If you’re one of those people, we commend you for doing your due diligence when it comes to finding the best value. Cheap cruises are available from time to time, but many come with a variety of stipulations, rules, and/or exceptions. Sometimes there will be hoops for you to jump through in order to get that great deal. So is it worth looking for cheap cruises? Absolutely. We just want you to know what you’re getting into.

What Are You Hoping to Get Out of Cheap Cruises?

When determining the value of a decision, it’s all about expectations. If you pay a lot of money for a meal at a steakhouse that turns out to be mediocre, you’ll be offended by the cost. Meanwhile, there are millions of Americans eating Taco Bell tonight and think it is incredibly delicious. Words like “expensive” and “cheap” are relative to what we want out of the experience. So what are you hoping to get out of cheap cruises?

One deal may be the perfect bargain for a single adult, but a family of five may find it to be the worst vacation decision they’ve ever made. These differences in opinion often have to do with certain factors like the size of each room, the quality of food, a cruise’s atmosphere, and how helpful the staff is found to be. Do you want a simple vacation with few frills? Are you a person who isn’t all too particular about the amenities on her cruise? Then there is a good chance that most cheap cruises will probably work out just fine. If you want a top-of-the-line vacation on a shoestring budget, you may not find the conditions satisfactory.

Why Are Cruises Less Expensive Sometimes?

For the uninitiated traveler, the idea of finding cheap cruises may sound dangerous or at least somewhat ill-advised. “Is there something wrong with the boat,” you may be asking. The truth is that cruises can often be found at some kind of discounted price for no reason worth worrying over. One of the most common reasons for a cabin to be available for a reduced price is that the cruise line simply needs to fill up the boat. Many popular companies will offer great rates just because the date of embarkment is upcoming and they don’t want to lose money on the unfilled rooms. Better to make 70 cents on the dollar than nothing at all.

Still, some cruises are discounted due to the way pricing is tiered and broken down. If you’ve ever shopped for the cheapest flight, you know that airlines have myriad policies when it comes to checked luggage, in-flight entertainment, seat assignments, and more. This is designed to reduce prices overall, meet customer needs, and allow for trip customization. In the same way, cruises may be cheaper due to the ways in which it handles food and drink packages, room measurements, or amenities supplied on the boat.

Do Your Homework When Shopping for Cheap Cruises

There are two quick things you can do when searching for an affordable cruise package. The first is to hit up a trip planning website like Expedia or Priceline. Here you can filter searches according to price, destination, and just about anything else you deem important. Depending on when you hope for your cruise to leave, you may find a number of cheap options in a hurry. Once you see a few that you are interested in, the next thing you should do is research the cruise line itself. There are a several websites out there serving as a Yelp! for cruises. You’ll see reviews from dozens of previous passengers who can help you better understand what to expect from a given company. Some review sites are more reputable than others, so be sure to get a few different ratings. You should always look for sites which have the most information about the company as well as the most reviews from travelers. The more input, the better.

What to Expect from Cheaper Cruises

Like we mentioned earlier, how much you enjoy a vacation can sometimes be dependent on what your expectations were going in. Booking a cheap cruise is a choice your wallet may appreciate, but make sure to do your homework so you know what you’re getting into. More affordable cruise options often mean you will be staying in a smaller room, for starters. Cruise companies are going to want to make sure the guests paying full price have the best experience, so your discounted room may not exactly be the Ritz-Carlton.

Another item you’ll want to pay attention to is the meal or drink packages. Like airlines, some cruises make up for cheaper rooms by getting their money back in certain food or beverage prices. You may find yourself with limited dining options, but you’ll likely do just fine during your travel.

Determining Real Value on Your Vacation

It’s important to respect the difference between getting a good deal on a fantastic cruise and paying the normal price for a cruise line which offers a lesser product. For instance, if you get a deal you love on a Royal Caribbean cruise, you’re probably going to have a great time. Just don’t settle for a lower-tier company who offers you a cheap vacation.

You can look at pricing options and “best of” lists until your eyes roll back in your head, but only you know what is best for the travelers in your party. If you’re planning a vacation on a budget, think through what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to save money. Not every amenity a cruise line offers may be something you want, so learn what you can live without. We all enjoy being able to boast over a great deal we scored, but we would prefer to have a great experience at the end of the day. No matter which vacation package you choose, we hope you go into the trip with your mind set on having a good time. That’s the key to enjoying any getaway, no matter who you’re with or what the price tag looks like.

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