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K-LOVE Cruise Ports in 2020: Where Am I Going?

When you sign up for a cruise, you may spend a lot of time thinking about all of the cool activities you’ll have on the boat or the fun things you’ll do on faraway beaches. If you’re like us, you might even salivate over the great food you’re going to put on your plate again (and again and again and…). Although you’re signing up to travel in this big, exciting boat, you may not think much about the different places to which you’ll be traveling. In preparation for the 2020 K-LOVE Cruise, we wanted to get you a little more acquainted with our three big stops along the way. If you haven’t already signed up for this year’s trip, or if we’ve completely sold out, maybe you’ll be motivated to join us in the future. Either way, here are the K-LOVE Cruise ports we’ll be headed to in 2020.

Fort Lauderdale

When people think of Florida as being a relaxing, sun shining place, they’re envisioning a location like Fort Lauderdale. The city has an average year-round temperature of 75 degrees with over 3000 hours of sunshine annually. Located just between Miami (20 miles) and Palm Beach (40 miles), Fort Lauderdale may not have the party destination history of Daytona Beach and others, but what it has developed is a reputation as a place to get away from it all and escape the brutal weather of less desirable winters.

Also found in Fort Lauderdale is Port Everglades, from which the 2020 K-LOVE Cruise departs on January 29. The port is among the most popular ports of departure in the country. This shouldn’t be too hard to believe since Florida is a common starting point for many popular cruise lines. Port Canaveral and Port of Miami may be even more popular with the cruise business, but Fort Lauderdale has more than enough to offer visitors who stop by.

Like any place worth visiting, Fort Lauderdale has plenty of great food to take in. Whether you want some family-style Italian food, locally sourced seafood, authentic Cuban cuisine, or perhaps something a little more familiar, you can have your pick. Here’s what is even more important than food (Tough, we know.): Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful, beachside city that is great for kicking off your cruise or for a simple weeklong vacation. If you find yourself with an extra day or two before or after the K-LOVE Cruise, we think you could do much worse than spend a little extra time relaxing on the beach or running around town.

Grand Cayman

We all love spending a little vacation time in Florida, but how about some more exotic locations that are prime stops along the cruise journey? You’ll get your chance at living the island life when you visit Grand Cayman. The largest of the three Cayman Islands, it is a 76-square mile paradise home to roughly 60,000 people. After passing by Cuba, you’ll finally get your chance to see what is one of the most exciting K-LOVE Cruise ports in 2020.

Unless you’re looking to do some offshore banking at one of the island’s many well-known financial institutions, one of the most interesting tourist spots is the Seven Mile Beach. This strip of coastal heaven is found on the West Coast of the island connecting George Town in the south and Battle Ground in the north. Here is where you will find the most iconic beachfront as well as most of the best hotels and restaurants. Since Seven Mile Beach is public property, you can enjoy a long walk or just plant yourself down for a little time in the sun (Just be sure you make it back on the boat!).

If you want to enjoy nature, but keep out of the sand, Grand Cayman has a few other things that may grab your attention. Stingray City is a place where you can get in the water with stingrays and experience something a little more memorable than what your local aquarium can provide. Of course there is also the swimming with dolphins experience at Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman as well as the Cayman Turtle Centre where you and your family can see a number of fascinating creatures. These are just a few of the exciting options Grand Cayman Island provides. Check with your cruise itinerary to see which fun things are best for you and your group.


Grand Cayman isn’t the only island on the list of K-LOVE Cruise ports in 2020. As we move westward on our journey, the next stop is at Cozumel, Mexico. Those who have never been to Cozumel may not know that it’s a 200-square-mile island just off of the Yucatan Peninsula. A popular tourist destination, Cozumel brings together the best parts of Mexican culture and beach vacations for a time of relaxation you won’t forget.

First things first, there are some wonderful beaches to be found on the island. Among the most popular are Paradise Beach and Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club. The former has a low-priced entry fee (though it is easy to rack up a high bill once inside) and the latter has a $55 all-inclusive package that you may find worthwhile.

You’ll find that most of the options at this stop on the K-LOVE Cruise are beach-related but there is a dolphin experience similar to the establishment in Grand Cayman and you can even find some interesting Mayan ruins at the San Gervasio Mayan Archeological Site. Like most other cruise stops, you’ll also find snorkeling opportunities, Jeep rentals, and more.

Which of the K-LOVE Cruise Ports Are You Most Excited About?

That does it for our list of K-LOVE Cruise Ports in 2020. Which of these beautiful locations sounds like the most fun to you and your group? Along with keeping safety precautions in mind, we suggest you weigh each potential opportunity at these K-LOVE Cruise ports based on time available, how much money you want to spend, and what is best for everyone in your group.

Have you ever been a part of the K-LOVE Cruise? It’s one of the best trips you can imagine. Between great Christian music, beautiful scenes of relaxation, and fun people, you won’t want to miss it. The truth is that you can experience a number of amazing trips when you book with Premier Cruises. From Holy Land encounters to Christian cruises in the Caribbean, we are your number one stop when it comes to Christian excursions. Find out how you can join us on our next trip by clicking on the link below.


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