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7 Reasons to Try Christian Cruises This Year

Whether you’re hoping to escape the frozen tundras of winter or the drudgery of your cubicle, planning a vacation may be the breath of freedom you desperately need. So where will you go this year? How will you spend your time? If you have the time and resources, there are so many great activities you can take part in and experience. Let us give you a few reasons why you should think about Christian cruises for this year’s big trip. You may be surprised at just how amazing this vacation can be.

The Perfect Combination of Entertainment, Faith, & Relaxation

Have you ever taken a trip before that sounded great, but halfway through you started to have regrets about your planning? Maybe you rented a cabin in the woods for a little R&R, only to find yourself bored to tears by the second day. On the other end of the scale, you might put together a jam-packed itinerary for a visit to the nation’s capital that leaves you begging for a peaceful moment.

Cruises afford you the chance to be as lazy or active as you wish. Want to lay by the pool all day and enjoy food that is easy to access? You got it. On Christian cruises you’ll find the perfect combination of entertainment from Christian artists, engaging faith content, and all the relaxation you can handle. This gives you the chance to customize your trip and manage your own itinerary.

Christian Cruises Feature Great Entertainers and Speakers

When you take a Christian cruise, the trip isn’t just about the wonderful locations. Most always your trip will be centered around a certain theme, teaching personality, or entertainer. Some examples of recent cruise headliners are Dave Ramsey, the “Duck Dynasty” crew, and musicians like DC Talk. Each of these trips features all of the great amenities one would find on a regular cruise, but with the addition of exciting speakers and entertainers you won’t want to miss. In the case of DC Talk, guests receive a band-reuniting show that hasn’t been witnessed in nearly two decades and will rarely be duplicated. Depending on what kind of content you crave, you may learn from the nation’s top Christian pastors or enjoy a special performance from your favorite band. It’s all about finding the trip that’s right for you.

You Don’t Need an Escape from Your Faith

Just because you’re “getting away from it all” doesn’t mean you need to leave your faith at home. Whether you’re traveling as a family or cruising solo, you’ll want to feed your spirit with some inspiring content. Christian cruise companies offer more than the latest Christian bestseller can provide you at the beach. Music, teaching, comedians, and Bible studies are just a few of the ways in which you can receive spiritual wisdom on these excursions. Why settle for words on the page of the latest “It” book when you can get captivating instruction from some of the best Christian minds around? Whatever you do on your vacation, don’t sleep on your personal walk with God.

Christian Cruises are Great for Families

Vacations are very important for families and cruises make for an awesome vacation. We know not everyone will be bringing the kids along, but Christian cruises really are a fantastic vacation for families. Part of the popularity of cruises in general is just how wonderful they can be for parents and kids. Everyone can sign up for excursions and take part in activities that interest them and it’s a fun time for all. Now add a Christian atmosphere where all of the entertainment is appropriate for every age and the fellow passengers are mostly people of a similar faith. What could be a better setup for Christian families?

Christian Cruises Can Help Deepen Your Faith

We’ve already written why we feel it’s important to feed your faith while on vacation. Many of us go through the work week barely hanging onto our faith, squeezing in church and scripture reading whenever we can. Imagine if you had a week at sea where you can take things slow, learn from respected pastors, and worship with the most talented musicians in Christian music. Surely you can meet with God anywhere, but Christian cruises make it that much easier to connect with your faith. If you’re coming on the cruise alone, you can really dive deep. Parents can talk through beliefs and questions with their kids. It’s a retreat full of opportunity for growth.

A Relaxed Faith Environment is Healthy

Atmosphere often dictates the tone of your vacation. Take your average trip to the beach for example. Rain or a crowded beach could easily change a fun day into a nuisance. While you’re always going to be vulnerable to elements out of your control, Christian cruises provide a relaxed faith environment which might prove healthy to both your body and your spirit. Sundays at church have a history of formality and structure, but you may enjoy a more laid back atmosphere where you can dwell on faith matters and engage with knowledgeable speakers and entertainers. Naturally the level of intellectual stimulation is up to you and depends on what kind of cruise you book, but the option is afforded to you on trips like these.

Christian Cruises are FUN!

With all of this focus on spiritual benefits, we want to remind you that Christian cruises are a lot of fun. Even if you and your family sign up for a cruise that is clearly aimed at an older audience, you’ll be on a ship equipped with swimming pools, rock climbing walls, movie theaters, arcades, and several other activities. Think about a week at sea where you can hop between free food and the pool, only taking a break for a day-long excursion in the Bahamas. What a wonderful vacation! That’s not even taking into account the exclusive concerts and other fun performances happening around the clock.

The last thing we’ll ask you about Christian cruises is, “Why not now?” When you’re planning the next adventure for yourself or your family, we think booking a Christian cruise is a wise decision.

Premier Cruises is one of the most popular Christian cruise lines in the country. Between trips to the Caribbean, we also lead amazing journeys to the Holy Land with theologians and musical acts like Hillsong and Chris Tomlin. Find out how you can join us for the vacation of a lifetime by clicking on the link below.


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