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Fun Activities and Theme Nights on Christian Cruises

Whether you’re traveling alone, with your spouse, or towing along a family of five, Christian cruises can be the perfect vacation destination. Not only can you enjoy sandy beaches and poolside fun, but there are so many exciting activities and theme nights on Christian cruises. No matter what you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find something that’s right up your alley. Let’s look at some of the cool opportunities you’ll likely have while sailing the high seas.

Fun Activities Part of Your Average Cruise

Cruise veterans know there is a lot of fun to be had without ever stepping off the ship. If you choose to sail with Royal Caribbean, Carnival, or one of the other popular cruise companies out there, you’ll find your ship to be absolutely teaming with unique adventures and nice hangouts. Some of the special features you’ll find on many cruises include climbing walls, movie theaters, live music, pools, gyms, wave simulators, zip lines, spas, and beyond. If you’re sailing with one of the better companies, you’ll find the ship to be skillfully designed in keeping you constantly entertained and well fed.

Cruises are one-stop vacations in the sense that you never HAVE TO leave the ship, though you may wish to get out on dry land. The same can be said of Christian cruises. Regardless of how you’re traveling or with whom, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied if you so desire. We encourage you to check out the amenities available on your cruise ship in advance, just so you know what to expect. Not all cruise ships are the same, but the majority feature several of the perks listed above.

Theme Nights on Christian Cruises

When you’re traveling on Christian cruises, one of the biggest selling points is that you are immersed in a group of people who share a common faith and enjoy many of the same things you do. In order to have a little fun and revel in this community, Christian cruises put on a number of theme nights throughout your journey. These events encourage you and your family or friends to go all out with costumes and more.

Examples of theme nights on Christian cruises include lively time-period celebrations (think 70s and 80s), sports extravaganzas, black-tie affairs, and a multitude of similar dress-up scenarios. For the inaugural Summer Hits Cruise in 2020, guests can anticipate a totally tubular party celebrating the 80s as well as a Western Night full of boots, big hats, and bandanas. This is just a sample of the excitement you can participate in at theme nights on Christian cruises. Each party comes with its own amazing possibilities, so we’d hate for you to miss out.

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like to dress up or act a little silly, there’s no better time than a vacation to try something different. Joining in on the fun at theme nights allow for you to build lasting memories and cut loose in a unique way.

The Joy of Cruise Excursions

Let’s not forget one of the most enticing aspects of booking a cruise: seeing distant, beautiful islands. Some travelers want nothing more than to sit by the pool and enjoy the amenities offered by their cruise ship, but for many, the idea of touring ancient ruins or scuba diving along coral reefs is the peak of a cruise vacation. Christian cruises give guests most of the same opportunities for exploration and adventure. This allows guests to experience something they would never find at home. Think of all the amazing things you could do with your spouse or kids. What’s even better is that these excursions often cater to travelers with different preferences. Are you the guy who wants to go bigger, faster, and higher than anyone else? You’ll find something right up your alley. But even the most introverted or low-energy person can also enjoy a day-long activity or two that provides the perfect island getaway.

The Benefit of Christian Entertainment

So what makes Christian cruises different from the typical oceangoing journey? Among other points, the benefit of Christian entertainment and community. Depending on what kind of faith-based cruise you’re thinking of booking, you could be headed toward spectacular concerts from the world’s biggest Christian bands or insightful teaching by renowned experts on theology or relationships. Most Christian cruises include at least one band for the purpose of live worship and one or more speakers to help you receive encouraging spiritual content as well.

No matter what the main goal of the trip is, however, you can count on having a lot of fun in an environment that is safe for the whole family. While Christian cruises do cater to people of different age groups and social preferences within their programming, it all comes from the same heart of wanting to help people grow in their faith and have a wonderful time. On a traditional secular cruise, there can be all kinds of entertainment and activities which may not be suitable for everyone you’re traveling with, but the same cannot be said of Christian cruises. With these you can include the whole family or enjoy a personal getaway without any worry over what you might be getting yourself into.

Are Christian Cruises Right for You?

After all this talk of theme nights, excursions, and poolside relaxation, you may be wondering if Christian cruises are right for you. If you’re someone who wants to engage with a Godly community while touring beautiful locations like Cozumel and Grand Cayman, we say yes. If you love Christian artists and want to see them in an exclusive setting, Christian cruises are a fantastic idea. The Caribbean, Alaska, and other exciting locations can be the perfect trip for you and your family. Enjoy spiritual insight from top speakers, get a killer tan, and worship along with your favorite Christian band. What’s not to like?

At Premier Cruises, we offer a number of faith-based and family-friendly vacations you will never forget. Find out how you can join us on our next adventure by clicking the link below.


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