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Why This is the Year You Should Try Christian Cruises

During the winter months, you may be wondering, “Why didn’t I book a tropical vacation to escape from all of this cold and dreariness?” Even in the summertime, you might wish you were doing something more memorable than taking your dog to the park or going to the zoo with your family. Whether you’re looking for a more enjoyable climate or the experience of a lifetime, Christian cruises are something you should think about trying this year. Let us tell you why we think it’s time for you to go big in the new year.

A New Year Calls for New Adventures

With each passing year, it can feel like you’re just coasting with your vacations. Maybe you go camping every now and then and take the occasional beach trip, but there comes a time when you need to mix things up. Why not make this year the start of a new tradition? Regardless of your view on New Year’s resolutions, there is a refreshing aspect to trying your hand at something different and exciting. The prospect of a clean slate when it comes to your vacation planning means the sky's the limit. Break away from your ordinary vacation and shoot for something extraordinary!

Christian Cruises Are Great for First-Timers and Experienced Travelers Alike

For many people, one of the biggest hindrances from booking a cruise is fear of the unknown. You know exactly what all a beach trip might entail. There’s not much mystery to staying in a cabin just a few hours away from home. A cruise through the Caribbean, however, may sound scary. Let us calm your fears right now because Christian cruises are just as great for first-timers as those who take similar trips each year. For people attending their first cruise ever, much of the fun involves cool excursions and poolside relaxation. Returning cruise travelers will appreciate the spiritual aspect of Christian cruises and the community found in such experiences.

Christian Cruises Let You Work on Your Faith

We all love the calming effect produced by ocean waves and sandy beaches, but cruises with a Christian focus offer so much more. On top of all the pleasantries and amenities available to guests on a traditional voyage, Christian cruises also provide spiritual sustenance through solid teaching, great music, and the opportunity for reflection and discussion. Each cruise is unique in its own way, but all Christian cruises can be beneficial for your overall spiritual health. In addition to the programming options, cruises are just a wonderful time to dig deep into the Bible or the latest Christian bestseller.

You’re Not Taking Enough Vacation Time

Look, we all respect your tough work ethic, but there is a reason why places of business offer vacation time to their employees. We all need a little break here and there. Sadly, most people aren’t taking full advantage of their paid vacation days. Some workers save all of their vacation time each year hoping for a good excuse to use it, only to have it disappear in the new year. A recent study showed that most people use three fewer days of vacation than they did 20 years ago. While we certainly acknowledge that taking time off from work can be difficult for some families, 55% of workers reported not using all of their given days off in 2018. If you have the ability, why not spend a few of your vacation days this year on an exciting Christian cruise?

Everyone Can Find Something to Love on a Cruise

If you’re traveling with a group, either your family or a few friends, it can be difficult to find activities everyone will agree upon. Anyone who’s had to negotiate a conversation over where to head for dinner knows how frustrating this experience can be. Lucky for you, Christian cruises host a bevy of activities for entertainment and many options for relaxation or adventure. What other vacation offers the chance for one person to rock climb, another to try out a surf simulator, and the third to enjoy a gravity-defying virtual adventure? A cruise ship is one-stop shopping for vacation fun!

The Best Christian Musicians, Experts, and Personalities Take Part in Christian Cruises

One aspect of Christian cruises you’ll really come to appreciate is just how many talented, creative people are available for entertainment and insightful Christian teaching. Depending on who is producing the cruise of your choice, the focus may land more heavily on teaching, worship events, concert experiences, or something similar. Most Christian cruises will likely include an established pastor and/or worship leader as well as supplemental material and events to continue the spiritual engagement beyond any scheduled sessions. On the K-LOVE Cruise, for instance, guests will hear from more than a dozen popular artists and enjoy preaching by one or more pastors. The trip even includes special acts like illusionists and comedians too.

Cruise Amenities Are Always Improving with Technology and Innovation

Been waiting for the best time to try Christian cruises? One of the reasons why this year is your year is because cruise amenities and options for dining and entertainment are constantly evolving. Thanks to technology and innovation, there are so many new ways to have fun onboard a cruise ship. From arcades to virtual reality and beyond, your kids (or yourself) can enjoy all kinds of entertainment. Beyond the extracurricular activities, technology is also improving pesky things like check-in counters and making it easier to keep track of important information.

Christian Cruises Connect You with Beautiful Islands and Foreign Countries

We often bring up all of the cool gadgets and areas of relaxation on cruise ships, but let’s not forget the beautiful destinations to which your Christian cruises are traveling. The fascination with cruise ships is that they take you to where you want to go while also providing a long list of activities to keep you engaged. What other trip can you take where you can visit multiple islands and countries without having to do any work, all the while participating in fun theme nights and your preferred leisure options?

You Have So Many Options to Choose From!

In the coming year you will have a plethora of Christian cruises with which you can choose to travel. From the Caribbean to Alaska to the Mediterranean, these expeditions are a global phenomenon. Along with choosing the places you’d like to travel, you can also prioritize your selection by looking at the musicians, speakers, and entertainers who will be featured onboard the ship during the journey. You can take a couples cruise themed on marriage or fly solo on one of the many music-centered vacations. Whatever you choose, we hope you take the plunge and embark on one of these amazing Christian cruises in the coming year.

At Premier Cruises, we want to be your travel destination for faith-based and family-friendly experiences. Our cruises come with some of the biggest names in the world of Christian lifestyle, from TV stars to popular musicians and more. Find out how you can join us for the vacation of a lifetime by clicking on the link below.


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