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Christian Travel: 8 Reasons Why Believers Should Try It

Whether it’s a family getaway, an anniversary trip, or a babymoon, we know just how exciting the prospect of travel can be. We all have our preferences on places we want to visit or what brings us comfort, but no one can deny just how great a vacation is. One method of trip-planning that has developed over the last few decades is Christian travel programs. From exotic cruises to Holy Land tours throughout Israel, these trips offer a number of special features for you (and possibly your family). Here are a few reasons why you should look into Christian travel options.

Christian Community is Healthy

The Bible has plenty of great things to say about building communities of faith. While this is mostly in relation to our church attendance and daily lives, we know that Godly fellowship is a good thing. Hebrews 10 has a lot to say about encouraging one another and pushing others to act justly. In short, good things happen when Godly believers get together. It’s certainly true on Sunday mornings and we think it can be real on Christian travel excursions as well. An atmosphere of faith and goodwill can work wonders, no matter what kind of vacation you are on.

Christian Travel Breathes New Life Into Your Faith

We know how easy it can be to get burnt out on weekly church life. You try to “be still and know” God, but a thousand daily distractions and commitments leave you feeling hopelessly detached from the joy of Sunday morning. Imagine traveling through the streets of Jerusalem, seeing the places you’ve only read about in a boring little font and knowing that there is truth to the Biblical stories you grew up learning. Alternatively, you could enjoy the cruise experience where each day is filled with Christian music from major worship artists and fellowship with fun-loving believers. Vacations allow us the time to recalibrate and rediscover the things which matter most to us. Christian travel companies can take that journey of reflection even further.

Learn New Aspects of Faith in Christian Travel

What’s the point of traveling if you don’t want to learn or experience new things? Christian travel allows you the opportunity to engage with different cultures, denominations and more. One of the many joys of diverse Christian fellowship is being able to discover new aspects of faith and compare those discoveries with what we see in the Bible. This is especially true when it comes to the more academic travel options out there, but it can be equally sound on more light-hearted adventures.

Feel Security in Christian Travel

When you read the word “security” there, you probably had a vision of gated communities and tough guys wearing earpieces. Although that is certainly one way to take it (and we DO want you to be safe), what we mean is that Christian travel opportunities allow for you to be yourself. You can immerse yourself in as much faith culture as you like and rest easy knowing that the other guests around you are also pursuing the Christ-filled life. This isn’t to say that we should constantly live our lives insulated from the pressures of the secular world, but it’s nice to have a retreat where you know everyone is roughly on the same page spiritually.

Hear from Exciting and Knowledgeable Christian Personalities

A great reason to invest in Christian travel is to hear powerful teaching and witness amazing performances from the best in the industry. From the "Duck Dynasty" crew to the voices of Hillsong, there are all kinds of amazing people headlining Christian vacations. If you’ve ever wanted to rock out with your favorite Christian band or learn at the feet of your favorite self-help author, the possibilities afforded by these travel companies are truly one of a kind. Beyond the more famous names, many of these trips will also include comedians, magicians, and other talented guests with whom you will be quickly enamored.

Discover What Christian Travel Really Means

There’s a chance the term “Christian travel” may sound silly to you. What’s wrong with just having a traditional vacation? Nothing, assuming you’ve done your homework and chosen a reputable company for your cruise or trip. Travel that has little to no spiritual content can still be enjoyable and full of rest. We believe, however, there are countless potential travelers around the country who are looking for something more than another beach trip. When you register with top Christian travel companies, you are signing up for a vacation that will feed your soul as well as provide the relaxation you crave.

Make Connections That Will Last

We’ve talked at length about the importance of Christian community and fellowship opportunities available in Christian travel. Although there may be some guests who simply want to keep to themselves (Shoutout to the introverts!), you can make great connections on Christian cruises or Holy Land trips. It’s amazing how strong friendships can be forged in such a small window of time, but the possibility exists on trips like these. Who knows, maybe you’ll plan a similar vacation the following year along with your new friends. It’s up to you how much interaction you have with fellow guests, but you never have to worry about a lack of good Godly people vacationing alongside you.

You Can Get Away From It All...with Jesus

Sounds a little cheesy, we know. A few hours on the beach can provide plenty of rest and relaxation, but why stop there with your trip planning? Whether you’re traveling with your family or flying solo for the week, Christian travel opportunities are a great opportunity to enjoy personal time with Jesus. Send the kids to the pool for an hour or find a similar arrangement that allows you to be alone with the Lord. You can read your Bible, take in a sunset and think about His glory, or just listen to some Christian music without having to deal with responsibilities for a few minutes. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy Christian things on every vacation, but Christian travel has moments of reflection and spiritual connection baked into it. There is structure to the week which considers your need for time with God.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at the Christian travel opportunities available at Premier Cruises. We bring together beautiful locations, engaging personalities and entertainers, and family friendly atmosphere for some of the most exciting trips you could ever hope to join. Find out how you can be part of the action by clicking on the banner below.


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