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Why Christian Cruises Make for the Best Family Christmas Gifts

Trying to think of the best family Christmas gifts for this holiday season? Have you grown tired of gift cards and lame stocking stuffers? What if you could do something truly amazing for the whole family this Christmas? We think Christian cruises offer not only one of the best vacation experiences, but one of the best gift ideas for you and your family. Don’t believe us? Allow us to fill you in on why cruising with your loved ones is something you should consider for Christmas.

Christian Cruises Get the Whole Family Together

Some of the best gadgets and toys available today are designed to keep you and your family separated. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new piece of technology from Amazon, a smartphone or the latest XBox video game. Many of the gifts our culture values are things pushing us away from bonding together as a family. Why not buck that trend this year (or the next) by giving everyone the chance to travel in style together? When you sign up for a cruise experience, you’re giving your family the chance to bond in one of several beautiful locales.

Cruises Offer Something for Everyone

Part of the draw for Christian cruises is the long list of activities and methods for relaxation offered along the way. While you should certainly prioritize family time, a cruise ship lets everyone do what they want. On top of the cool excursions you can be part of on land, the ship itself offers a number of exciting opportunities. Pools, a spa, climbing walls, ziplines, workout studios and more can help you and your family find the perfect way to spend some down time. Whether your kids just want to read and watch movies or if you all want to go an a series of adventures, you’re all set.

Get to Enjoy Other Cultures

Along with all of the other benefits to being Americans, residents of the US have a wonderful country to explore. Sometimes it’s nice to go beyond our own borders, though, and see what life is like in other places. On Christian cruises, you can stop in cool places like San Juan, Puerto Rico or the Cayman Islands and see what the local life is all about. Sure, these places are sometimes catered to tourists, but there’s still plenty of homegrown flavor to enjoy.

You Can Make Cruises Fit Your Budget

“I don’t have the money to send everyone on a cruise!” We know vacations can be expensive, even if you’re just visiting the nearest city. Like most vacation packages, Christian cruises can be moderated in price by either shopping around with different options or planning ahead. Plus, you can decide on who you want to bring with you on vacation. Travel with just your immediate family or leave one or two of the youngest kids at home with the grandparents. These cruises are great for the whole family, but you have to decide what arrangement works best for you.

Christian Cruises Help Kids See Fun and Faith Collide

Church is the heart of Christian community, but it can be nice to worship and enjoy discussions of faith outside the four walls of the building you visit on Sunday mornings. Christian cruises let kids explore fun opportunities and see Christianity lived out in an amazing environment. Think of it like Vacation Bible School in the Caribbean.

Your Cruise Experience is Up to You

Although going on a cruise is something of a package deal where you don’t have to worry about too many variables, the truth is that cruises let you customize the experience as much as you’d like. You can decide which line you want to travel on, what kind of room you’d like, which excursions you want to participate in, what you want to do during your free time, and so on. Christian cruises can be great for families who like to keep things interesting and constantly mix things up.

Christian Cruises Give Your Family Something to Look Forward to

Too often the magic and wonder of Christmas has quickly faded by the time January rolls around. Even those new gifts you loved on Christmas morning can lose their sparkle. By giving your family the gift of a Christian cruise, you can keep the fun going for months on end. As you get closer and closer to the day of departure, your family can keep a fun countdown going and talk about all of the things you’d like to do while at sea.

Trying New Things Together as a Family

The best family Christmas gifts are the ones that involve everyone and get them excited. What could be more engaging for the whole family than the chance to take part in something bold and different like going on a cruise? Together you can tackle all kinds of fun challenges, like mastering the climbing wall or going scuba diving. See what kind of crazy ideas you can come up with as a family.

Christian Cruises Let You Work on Your Faith Together

Speaking of taking on challenges together, Christian cruises specifically offer you the chance to walk through matters of faith together. Whether it’s a cruise centered on the family, Christian music, or teaching, you’ll find there is plenty to discuss and contemplate with your kids. Not only is it good for the children to hear from the speakers and musicians involved, it’s important for them to see how you are being affected yourself. Regardless of whether it’s on a Christian cruise or not, don’t be scared to be a model of faith for your kids.

Concerts and Worship Events

Does your family enjoy attending concerts featuring bands like Mandisa, TobyMac, MercyMe, or Big Daddy Weave? On Christian cruises you will often find artists like these performing every night. Be sure to factor in how much you might spend on concert tickets at home when thinking through the price of Christian cruises.

Give Your Kids a Real Experience

Too many of our ideas of what a Christmas gift can be are focused on how much happiness can an object bring me. Instead of a toy or gadget that comes in a box, what if we gave our families an experience they’ll never forget? We want our kids to live in the real world and not get overly invested in social media or video games and yet our gifts often push them in that very direction. Think about what kind of special experience you can deliver for your kids this Christmas.

Two Words: All-Inclusive Dining

Remember how little you spent on food when you were single or newly married? We know you watch your paycheck evaporate each time you take the family to dinner. One of the best parts of going on a cruise is the abundance of food. While there are certain premium dining options, most of the food you’ll encounter on a cruise ship is included in the price of your cabin. Let your kids go to town on that all-you-can-eat pizza and know it won’t cost you a red cent.

Pick One of the Many Beautiful Destinations on Christian Cruises

We mentioned earlier how customizable your cruise vacation can be, but one of the most important decisions is picking the part of the world you want to travel through. Christian cruises venture through the Caribbean all the time, but you can also check out Alaska, the Mediterranean Sea, and some other amazing places. If your family has done one of those places before and wants to check out something new, you have that option. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to create lasting memories together and have a lot of fun along the way.

These are just a few of the reasons why we feel Christian cruises make for the best family Christmas gifts. We hope during the upcoming holiday season you and your family will be able to enjoy time with one another, whether you choose to go on a cruise together or you opt for something a little more traditional.

At Premier Cruises, we want to design the ultimate vacation for you and your loved ones. From Christian cruises with incredible musicians and speakers to our celebrity ventures with groups like Duck Commander and the Property Brothers, we have the perfect trip for you. Find out how you can join us for an unforgettable getaway by clicking on the link below.


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